• Incorporated in 1907 in Bern, Switzerland and has flourished ever since, in all major metropolitan cities around the world.
  • Headquarters in Lebanon, as the Middle-East representative, since 1986.
  • The first and only private security corporation in Lebanon to be internationally renowned and guaranteed.
  • The only private Security Corporation to continually be rated "AAA" for more than a decade by the ten most prominent banks and insurance companies in the world.
  • The first and only emergency control room in Lebanon, operational 24 hrs a day since 1986, with experts formally trained in Switzerland.
  • The headquarters of SECURITAS at Bauchrieh/Beirut are self-owned. The facility measures over 4'000 m2 in security infrastructure and an investment of eight million US Dollars has been made to insure the quality of services rendered to its clients.
  • SECURITAS is a strictly professional corporation operating on all Lebanese territory.

  • The SECURITAS instant alarm reception grants in exclusivity to its clients the capability of connecting their own alarm systems, individually or collectively, with no consideration for the brands or origination of the systems (even if they are not equipped by out sister company: SECURITON Moyen-Orient SARL).

  • The instant alarm reception is transmitted via a 200 point-to-point lines network equipping the SECURITAS control room.

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  • SECURITAS offers its clients the possibility of subscribing to its emergency assistance squad in case of technical, electronically, electrical, and mechanical problems, 24 hrs a day where engineers and technicians are ready in any type of emergency and at any time, whether day or night.

  • SECURITAS offers its clients the possibility of demanding ant type of security service (24 hrs a day) whether being: transfer of funds or valuables, bodyguards, meet and assist at airport, security services for special events, business dinners, cocktails, conferences, receptions, marriage, etc…


  • All services rendered by SECURITAS are insured against all inherent risks and third party liabilities in conformity with the international terms and conditions and for all damage resulting from the actions of or from the negligence of SECURITAS staff.

  • The instruction manuals are constantly updated according to the standards of SECURITAS SOCIETE SUISSE DE SURVEILLANCE at Zollikoffen/Bern.

  • SECURITAS is in constant contact and coordination with public authorities



E-mail : [email protected]
Tel : +961-1-897 090  / 897 831  fax: +961-1-879 479
Center Securitas, Bauchrieh, P.O.Box 901032, Beirut, Lebanon.

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