Burglary and Hold - Up Alarm Systems

Securiton AG is specialized in the development and manufacturing of highly sophisticated alarms and security systems.

Thanks to the experience gained in more than 40 years of activity and a close cooperation with the police, insurance companies, the security staff of services and industries, Securiton has a know-how at its disposal which has made it one of the leading companies for burglary and hold up alarm systems.

We therefore attach great importance to expert advice, planning and projecting. In our offices and branches, we have specially trained experts available for advising, planning, projection and marketing burglary and hold-up alarm systems.

The products listed here are only a selection from our comprehensive range of burglary and hold-up alarm appliances. All apparatuses, equipment and systems have state-of-the-art technology and comply with the relevant national and international standard and regulations.


Thanks to its flexibility, the outstanding burglary and hold-up alarm system in the wide Securiton range of products, the SMS 5000, can be optimally adapted to the most varied requirements for protection concepts to suit specific objects.

This flexibility is achieved by means of the possibility of selecting a wide range of different software function modules which can even be programmed on location with all necessary details using a portable PC.

In addition to the various command units, the range of equipment in the SMS 5000 burglary and hold-up alarm system includes the four alarm control units EMZ 101, EMZ 500, EMZ 501 and EMZ 501 KB for wall mounting, as well as the EMZ 510 control unit in an upright cabinet for large-scale systems.

All these software controlled alarm control units comply with the relevant guidelines from the police and insurers, even for objects in the highest risk category. In the SMS 5000 burglary and hold-up alarm system, all the detectors and remote control units are linked with the burglary and hold-up alarm control unit via the SECURILINEŽ digital data transmission system.

Despite its high transmission reliability and sabotage-proof design, which makes SECURILINEŽ stand out in its simple and thus reasonably priced ring line installation. The individual units are locked on to the ring line by the interface modules PEM 81/82, thus making optimum use of today's high tech.