Securitel Security System

Securitas is on standby 365 days a year, right around the clock


The monitoring of:

  • The one-family houses
  • Cottages
  • A small company

To Prevent and Detect:

  • burglary
  • hold-up
  • detect fire
  • water damage
  • disturbances of technical installation


If anything happens, it reacts not only by siren alarm, but automatically transmits a detailed message to the next Securitas alarm control center, via the telephone network.

In accordance with the message, Securitas will initiate the agreed and appropriate measures immediately.

That is why Securitas is on standby 365 days a year, right around the clock, and will go out if required in a case of alarm.


TRANSONIC 11 ultrasonic motion detector

The ultrasonic motion detectors TRANSONIC 11 are used for space surveillance. The infrared passive motion detector DR 582 is used for long corridors. The microwave motion detector combined MW 21, and the IM 25 PDS double system monitor detector combined with an infrared sensor for difficult surrounding conditions, offer space surveillance.

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BMD 411 Picture Alarm Detector

The Picture Alarm Detector BMD 411 may be described as a typical theft detector which thanks to its extremely flat construction represents an optimum solution for the discreet surveillance of pictures, paintings, engravings, etc. in case of changing locations for a painting, the picture protection device is additionally provided with an alarm transmitter and receiver. This obviates the need for any additional electrical installations.

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TRX-S 16 Microwave barrier

A comprehensive range of various detectors with different sensor functions is necessary in order to always be able to employ the right detector, guaranteeing optimum protection in its area of employment. For outdoor monitoring in case of breaking in or out, Securiton uses the invisible microwave barrier TRX-S 16. A stretch of up to 100 meters can be monitored between its transmission and receiver unit.

In order to physically close off an outdoor area, the microwave barrier is often combined with a wire mesh fence. Our FPS 2 wire fence monitoring system is suitable for monitoring this fence against being climbed over or cut through.

In many cases, the LS 44 light barrier with its invisible infrared light is the optimum solution. Particularly then, when several light barriers are arranged in a column above one another, thereby forming a curtain-like monitoring screen.

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KSM 46 Structure-borne noise detector

The monitoring of the external shell of rooms (concrete walls) is ensured by the KSM 46 structure-borne noise detector. This detector is also suitable for the surveillance of safes and cash dispensers. It reacts to the minutest noises caused by burglar's tools.

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GMB 41/42 glass breakage detectors

The passive glass breakage detectors GMB 41 and GMB 42, for monitoring laminated safety glass and normal window glass respectively, work on a similar principle. For special conditions, the active glass breakage system MAGS-S is also available.

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