Every SECURITAS guard is professionally and intensively specialized in:

  1. Planification of on-site security.
  2. Organization of on-site security.
  3. Specific security techniques concerning assignment, persons, and valuables.
  4. Protection and surveillance of urban compounds, hotels, and buildings
  5. 5. Security traffic services
  1. Specialized security services
  2. Legal rights under law
  3. Applied psychology, engagement, and behavioral study
  4. Criminal statistics, criminology, and prevention
  5. Miscellaneous

SECURITAS takes responsibility for studying the specifics of the security necessary for each assignment as well as deciding the number of guards which are imperative for carrying out a successful operation in regards to the different points of security; exterior, interior, control room, etc…

All further comments and instructions, whether generic of personalized, given by the customers are followed and executed to the letter.


Protection and surveillance of urban compounds, hotels, and buildings

  • Protection against fires and catastrophes

  • Information and reports

  • Visual description

  • First aid instruction (whether in saving a life or providing immediate assistance

  • Radio traffic




Security Traffic Services

  • Self protection

  • Protection of valuables: guards and surveillance

  • Protection and surveillance of loading and unloading as well as deliveries of all incoming and out going materials

  • Protection for all transfer (cash and valuables)

  • VIPs protection · Protection for conferences and public events

  • Monitoring and screening of in coming and out going visitors

  • Visitors assistance

  • Crowd control



Specialized security services

  • Arms and ammunitions, ballistics, usage of weapons

  • Firing techniques and instructions

  • Self defense (w/o weapons) - martial arts



Criminal statistics, criminology, and prevention

  • Bomb and explosive threats and attempts, voluntary fires

  • Psychological terrorism/telephone threats



Applied psychology, engagement,
and behavioral study

  • Psychology in case of forces of nature, harassment, and panic

  • Psychology, environmental and human awareness


Legal rights under law

  • Legitimate defense in case of tentative
    violations of private domains, state of emergency, help for states of emergency and panic.




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