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  • Security, one of the most important needs, increasingly forces enterprises to take extensive organizational and technical measures for the protection of persons and valuable objects.

Guard Services

  • Any area that has to be protected against possible dangers can be guarded through human presence.

  • A guard schedule is always set up individually according to the specific needs of a customer and the kinds of dangers to be faced. If a permanent protection against the principal dangers is necessary, the use of an alarm system is often required as supplementary protection.

  • A thorough perimeter inspection serves for the general prevention of burglary and unauthorized presence of persons, as well as for the detection of smoke, flames and other external influences.

  • An inside control will not only help to prevent damages but serves also for the specific checking of certain objects and sources of danger.

  • These prevent activities, which are the main part of a guard service go along with measures to stop hazards already underway, e.g. warning the police and fire brigade, extinction of starting fires, recognition of inundations or disturbance of technical installations, etc.



Static Guard Services

  • Static guard services consist in nightly, daily or permanent controls for one subscriber by one or several guards.
  • Subscribers are mainly industrial companies, banks and large administrative services.



Beat Guard Services

  • Beat guard services are the main part of Securitas' guard activities.

  • Every night regular controls are carried out for 5600 subscribers in 450 communities in Switzerland.
  • The combination of different guard missions in one operational unit brings many advantages to the customer who would otherwise have to arrange for a guard service on his own account.

  • A beat guard service will not only carry out regular controls but temporary missions, which include services during holidays, guarding of construction sites, of temporary installations, exhibitions or festive activities.



Special Event Services

  • In case of events of the most various kinds, Securitas will take over ticket sale and entrance control as well as guarding and supervisory services.
  • Traffic and parking control missions are another service offered by Securitas.



Lost Key Tag

  • As a compliment to all its services, Securitas offers numbered key tags which can be put on any bunch of keys.
  • The tag will advise the finder to give back the keys to one of the Securitas branches for a finders reward.

  • The keys will thus find their way back to their owner.



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