Service Department and Standby Service

Securiton alarm systems are extremely dependable and operationally reliable. If a fault occurs or if an interruption is necessary, there is a Service Department and Standby Service available all round the clock as a special service for Securiton customers.

This organization covers the whole of Switzerland and makes it possible to guarantee that every Securiton alarm system will be ready to function again within a very short time.

Maintenance and Repair

A security system must be ready for operation all the time in order to be able to give the alarm reliably and quickly if anything happen. This means that security systems have to regularly undergo maintenance and repair work.

Within the scope of this work, all the detectors are checked, the correct functioning of the system is tested and if necessary, the set points are readjusted.



Contrafeu AG is an associate company of Securiton and has for many years been specializing in the sector of fixed fire extinguisher systems, such as sprinklers and carbon dioxide, hand fire extinguishers, indoor fire house points, etc.

The company also has its head office in Zollikoffen. The close cooperation between Contrafeu and Securiton in the field of fire alarms and fixed fire extinguisher systems guarantees our customers "Safety from one hand", just as well as the certainty of objective advice and comprehensive services.


Securitas AG, the Swiss Guard Company, the parent company of the Securitas Group, also has its head office in Zollikoffen. The 12-branch offices spread all over Switzerland are the Securitas operating centers. The main activity comprises guard, standby, intervention, special event and personal protection services in the whole of Switzerland.

However, Securitas also operates a transmission network of receiving alarm and breakdown messages of all kinds with 9 modernly equipped alarm centers. These operating centers are manned by qualified staff all around the clock. In accordance with the alarm or breakdown messages previously agreed with the customer are initiated, such as, for example, sending the police, fire brigade, or the competent service or standby personnel. By arrangement, Securitas will also go out to the object in the case of alarm.

In this case, it represents the customers interests towards third parties, opens up the premises to the police and fire brigade in the case of alarm and guards the same event of damage until repairs have been made.