The vast range of human and technical resources offered by the Securitas/ Securiton/ Contrafeu group forms a solid basis for establishing security concepts for any field.

  • Contrafeu Ltd. with head office in Münsingen has been specialized in the manufacturing and sale of fire protection systems for many years.
  • Stationary extinction systems, fire extinguishers for all purposes and equipment, material and vehicles for fire brigades are manufactured with great sophistication and experience.

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Rescue, Confine, Extinguish

  • The fire service department offers a large number of equipment and devices and is therefore able to satisfy the demand of fire brigades. The program includes portable fire extinguishers as well as motor pumps and pump water tenders. There is also a great number of devices for personal equipment of the individual fireman.
  • As fire fighting is no longer the only task of today's fire brigades, the rang of products has been completed with different devices for the fight against inundations, oil pollution and chemicals.
  • Most of the products are developed and manufactured in Contrafeu's workshops.
  • Contrafeu as successor of the Ferdinand Schenk company for motor pumps in Worblaufen still engages itself to manufacture and maintain such pumps. The program includes various water pumps for civil protection.
  • Having considerable experience in the construction of trailers (pump tender trailers, reel trailers, ladder trailers, etc.), Contrafeu is able to mount pump water tenders, oil pollution protection tenders and emergency vehicles on any chassis desired by the customer. Although certain elements are standardized, the unitized construction system allows far reaching adaptation to the individual needs.
  • Conventional as well as newly loped installations for the maintenance of fire hoses are based on an energy saving air circulation system which is adapted to the modern materials and which contributes actively to the protection of the environment.
  • As a contribution to security in buildings, Contrafeu offers the necessary means for evacuation of persons from endangered objects. These include emergency ladders and stairs individually constructed for every building, as well as emergency lights, signalization for escape ways and many other items.



Fire Fighting

  • Stationary extinction systems are automatic, permanently installed fire extinction systems. Depending on the purpose and nature of the buildings or installation to be protected, sprinkler, halon, carbonic acid or foam extinction systems can be used.


  • In the case of sprinkler systems which use tap water as means of extinction, only those nozzles will be operated which are close to the fire. This ensures maximum efficiency by keeping the spreading of water to a minimum.
  • Contrary to the sprinkler systems, halon extinction installations will flood the entire room where a fire has broken out. In order to extinguish a fire quickly without causing secondary damages, a very high halon concentration must be achieved in a few seconds. Carbonic acid systems are based on much the same principal as halon installations.


  • An efficient CO2 concentration in the endangered room must be reached within a relatively short time. Carbonic acid systems are mainly used for electrical installations, but not where persons are working permanently. Foam extinction systems are principally used in chemical and petrol industry. They are usually installed for the protection of one specific object - be it in a building or outside.


  • All the above mentioned installations are calculated, designed, installed and maintained by the department for stationary extinction systems of Contrafeu.



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