Excellent Training
for your protection

The very tough conditions imposed by the SECURITAS "SWISS NORMS" are strictly adhered to during the periods of recruiting, hiring, and training.

All inspectors and chief inspectors are directly recruited from the Lebanese Army upon their retirement based on their official certificates proving their excellent aptitude and performance during their years of service.

Every guard continues on the following classroom instruction and training at least once a month, for as long as he remains employed at SECURITAS. These classes are given at the SECURITAS School, which is located at Headquarters

Quality control as well as on the field training and instructions take place 365 days a year and 24 hrs a day by the inspectors and chief inspectors in order to specifically train each guard for this particular assignment and the environment surrounding him. Furthermore, all type scenarios are played out and repeated in order to find a quick, efficient, and adequate solution for any type of emergency.

Every guard has within his possession a job description book as well as detailed instructions, pictures, topography, maps enumerating his responsibilities as well as the responsibilities of his team

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